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Get Your Sites Seen By Surfers That Pay Attention

Feb 16 2015

Results in Traffic Exchanges are just not what
they used to be.

A lot of the time there is just no reason for a
surfer to pay attention.

Sarah Louise just launched Attention Seeking
Traffic, a Traffic Exchange that rewards members
for actually paying attention to your ads!

Get your sites seen!


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Build YOUR Programs – DownlineMaxx!

Feb 09 2015

Here’s an awesome new downline builder for you!


It’s a mailer too, and being from Darren Olander and Troy Wray, you know it’s going to be good!

This downline builder allows you to sell or rent downline builder spots you DON’T want to other members (for points).

And you can buy or rent spots that you DO want, also for points!

It’s kinda cool, and very interesting!


Have fun:-)

Downline Building to the Maxx

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Low One Time Cost And A KILLER Compensation Plan!

Jan 13 2015

For a one time payment of less than 20 bucks,  you get almost unlimited potential.

Think about it… that’s the price of a pizza!

Low ONE TIME payment

It self funds into higher levels

A great compensation plan, that actually WORKS!

And we’ve got a great team and some great promo tools to help you promote too!

Come join us and lets build this big together!

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Get an Easy Traffic Boost with Instant Commissions!

Oct 31 2014

Here’s a brand new advertising site that does 2 things for you:

– You get easy traffic
– You earn instant commissions

Claim your $200 in free ads and get traffic and commissions in no time.

IF you join right now:

=> http://easytrafficboost.com/index.php?r=cash2day

Set up your ads and sit back.

We’ll get you traffic!

Promoters earn instant commissions and extra advertising just for giving away FREE advertising.

It’s simple.

Grab the OTO for MORE hands-free advertising and a commission bump.

=> http://easytrafficboost.com/index.php?r=cash2day

You can even earn 100% commissions but you got to be fast and be one of the first 100 Action Takers.

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Get More Traffic from More Sources

Sep 04 2014

I just joined ParagonTraffic and should have done so much sooner!

ParagonTraffic is not only a quality manual traffic exchange, it is also a traffic co-op.

This means you can surf and promote Paragon Traffic and have your pages not only seen on the exchange itself, but on a number of other exchanges!

As an upgraded member you also get 50 percent commissions and an awesome 2500 credits per month!

Join Now:

=> http://paragontraffic.com/?rid=1349

Surf Less and get more diverse traffic!

See you there!

=> http://paragontraffic.com/?rid=1349

ParagonTraffic is owned by Janid Inayat. He also owns HitLink, which has grown to over 90,000 member and he has great plans for ParagonTraffic!

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EZ List Multiplier

Jun 29 2014

Here are 6 reasons to join this new site Frank Salinas just launched.

Create your account here:


1. Your referrals join your list 1st before they even join the site!

2. Your referrals will send their 1st 4 subscribers to YOU!

3. People who you send to the site and don’t sign up will get re-targeted on Facebook so that you get more referrals! (priceless)

4. You receive NO Emails from members AT ALL

5. Members have a chance win Daily Prizes

6. All members earn Instant Commissions

Go here now to enjoy a bigger list and more commissions the EZ way.


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7 Dollar Ads, Great Value Advertising Program

Apr 07 2014

At the new 7 Dollar Ads you can get your banners seen by thousands of others at the same time as earning real cash commissions.

Yes you can get your ads shown on the 7 Dollar sites network for just $7 and at the same time you can earn a cool 50% cash commission for each person who joins under you.

It’s just $7 to get started and that gets you lifetime access to this great cash earning website as well as your first 20,000 banner impressions.

Check it out now at:


Yes this is a paid only site, but at just $7 to start, it is well worth joining!

Get your ads seen!

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My Best Converting Mailers

Mar 08 2014

I do a lot of safelist advertising. And people keep asking me which mailers I use and which ones give me the best results.

So I decided to put together a list of my top safelists / mailers.

You can check my top 20 mailers here:


Also take a look at the tips & tricks page. I will keep adding to it.

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Come Get Your Viral INSTANT Commissions!

Feb 28 2014

I’ve got something you’re just gonna LOVE!

My good friend Marci Jones just launched Viral Commissions.

Yes, it’s traffic and commissions gone viral!

Instant commissions to your Paypal and viral traffic to your sites, what more could you ask for?

Come get your Viral Commissions now!


Don’t miss out on the OTO’s! Get up
to 100 PERCENT Commissions INSTANTLY To Your PayPal! PLUS a ton of advertising!

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Grab 6 Video Series And A Daily Product With MRR!

Feb 22 2014

Today you can grab 6 Video Series… FREE.

90 (yep, NINETY) Techie Training Videos Covering These Topics:

– Getting Started Right
– cPanel, WordPress & Gmail
– Hacker Proof Your WordPress
– HTML5 No Geek Talk
– CSS3 No Geek Talk
– Internet Marketing Tools

And receive a new product every day…
All with Master Resale Rights!

Grab them now, before they’re gone!


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